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Led by Jim and Patrice Weibelzahl

This group will meet the second and fourth Thursday evening of the month at 7:30. p.m beginning FEBRUARY 10. People should register in advance with a maximum of 10 participants to facilitate a reasonable amount of discussion. After the second session it will be closed to newcomers.  This will respect the privacy of those attending.   

Based on the book "When Prayer Becomes Real" by Kyle Strobel and John Coe of the Center for Spiritual Formation at Biola University.     Click here to purchase your copy of "When Prayer Becomes Real"


1 What if a wandering mind is a gift?
Practice: Prayer when our minds wander

2 What if prayer can be a place to avoid God?
Practice: Prayer beyond avoidance

3 What if prayer doesn't meet my expectations
Practice: Praying to a new father.

4 What if God wants my heart of sin and pain?
Practice: Praying my sins and pain

5 The prayer book of the soul
Practice: Praying the psalms

6 Intending to be with God
Practice: Prayers of intention

7 Who am I really collecting our hearts to him
Practice: Prayers of recollection

8 Being watchful
Practice: Prayers of examine

9 Seeing ourselves and others in the love of God
Practice: Prayers of petition and intercession